​You Were Created For A Purpose

You are not an accident. You were born with a purpose and for a purpose. Long time before you were conceived by your parents, God has already planned everything about you.  The days of your life were already written on His book even before you were born.  God is already thinking of you since before. He knows you. He loves you. He cares for you. So that’s why you were created. God created you for a reason and for a purpose. He is the source of everything- including your life purpose.

You are chosen, precious, important and valuable. It is how God sees you. And it is what exactly defines you as a person. It doesn’t matter what others may feel and think about you. It is who you are. You were created for a reason.
God gave you life. Use it to live for God’s glory. Make it meaningful. Enjoy your life in this Earth by doing your life’s purpose. You live for God. And you will die for God.


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